My name is Dennis Gossage.

I have been involved in the cabinet industry since the early seventies.  I began doing design and installation of cabinets, then in the mid-eighties, I began working with Cabinetry by Karman in our own residential and commercial projects.  Currently I am a Dealer for Karman Cabinetry.  I come to your home and provide personal attention to customize your kitchen, bath and office with beautiful Cabinetry by Karman.


We offer a wide variety of fine, customizable cabinetry. Take a moment to review how our extensive selection of door styles, paint or stain finishes, and accessories can combine to create a unique look tailored to your individual tastes. Selecting each thumbnail will enlarge it to allow closer viewing.

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About Karman Cabinetry

Karman has been providing cabinetry on the West Coast of California and in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico for 50 years.  They have been continually improving and expanding their product line and introducing the European frameless cabinet style in 2015.

We are proud to make this fine line of custom cabinetry available to the Central Coast –

  • American Face Frame – Both furniture core and all wood
  • European Frameless – Furniture core and all wood
  • Custom Office Furniture and Shelving
  • Gateway Series – Lower cost, high quality, for apartments and condos

Most can be supplied to the job site in approximately 30 days from the date of signed order.

The Durability & Craftsmanship of Cabinetry by Karman

Karman 50th Anniversary

Crafting quality for the past 50 years.

The value of Cabinetry by Karman may begin and end with service, but there are many reasons why Karman has become the cabinet supplier of choice for our dealer network. Each cabinet is built using the finest materials; with all hardwoods protected by a durable catalyzed conversion varnish. Backed by a limited lifetime product warranty, our commitment to product quality is apparent in every cabinet piece.

From a product value standpoint, the scope of Karman products is second to none in the market. We have it covered with everything from framed to European design frameless cabinets. From our very popular rustic wood offering to elegant, beautifully detailed mitered doors, we feature a wide variety of high-end finishes. In addition, our custom capabilities allow designers and consumers alike to create exactly what they desire at not so custom prices.

Special Customization Available

Flexibility is the key to achieving your perfect look. We understand the importance of expressing your unique personality. We already offer a comprehensive set of modifications, including height and width changes, extended stiles, and door profile changes just to name a few. But if those don’t fill your need, this program will.

“You Draw it, We Build it”
The You draw it, we build it concept provides you the ability to go beyond the norm and let your individual style show through. We have the programs in place to help you customize just about any aspect of your project– from style to wood to finish.


Dennis Gossage

(805) 350-8190